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The Scythers

Thanks to Stellar Arms for their excellent armor!

David 63's Kiwi-Washman exploration report, entry #3.

So I never wrote up a report from our last mission, but this time we were going back for more exploration at "Site 2" on Brimbury. Stellar Arms was sponsoring us to make another investigation, and I got to put their "Tactical Combat System #4" (riot armor) through its paces (see my review below).

The team was David 63 in command, with Kordell piloting, Rook, Ripley and To'do along for the ride, and (NPC) Grinder as a representative of our sponsor and also our copilot.

Kordell's aggressive maneuvers didn't quite manage to crash us as we came in for a pass over the site we'd vised a few days ago. We took a scan of the site, but other than a slightly better reading of the buried quantum crystaline anomaly (similar material to what the well structure one at Site 1 was made out of), there wasn't much we could resolve remotely. The explosion last time seemed to have orientated from near the crystals, where there was now a large hole opening into the ground.

Several of us disembarked and approached the hole, but before we could investigate much we came under attack by a very large mantis like insect I'd like to dub a "Scyther", after its rather memorable stabbing limbs. David and Rook fought hand to hand (or hand to scythe?) with the bug, and with some guidance from Ripley we were quickly able to take it out. Hoping to learn more about why the thing didn't show up on our scans, we dragged the body onto the ship. We didn't really figure it out though, beyond a suspicion it might have something to do with the quantum crystals, which seem to cause our scanners all kinds of problems.

After sorting out the first Scyther's corpse, we approached the hole again. The opening was about 10 feet wide, and the space below was about double that in depth. The fungal blast from last time seemed to have cracked open the top of a small cavern of sorts. We did see evidence of previous human interaction with this site, as there were tire tracks on the ground that we could make out under the signs of the fungal blast.

To'do sent his drone inside the chamber below us to try to scan things, but other than detecting a "hivelike" structure on one edge of the chamber inside, the drone couldn't pick up much. Rook dropped a light stick into the hole and we saw that two more of the unscannable Scythers were directly below the opening, invisible to the drone.

We opened fire, on them, as they were momentarily surprised by the sudden appearance of the light in their dark space. Though we'd done some damage, we were rather dismayed when they went on to jump all the way out of the hole where they engaged Rook and David in melee. Fortunately, the one who'd been hit hardest down below went down pretty quickly on the surface thanks to some good shots from Kordell's pistol. The other one however, proceeded to bite David a couple times with its massive, venom filled jaws. Fortunately, Rook was punching it from behind, and David was able to putting his knife right into its brain from inside it's gaping mouth.

I'd like to take a moment here to praise the armor I got on loan from our mission sponsor, Stellar Arms. Their "Tactical Combat System #4" kept me alive! All those stabbing hits I took from the Scythers would have gone right through my personally owned Kevlar Vest like butter, but the armor I had been loaned stopped the majority of the damage. I don't think anyone else in our group could have survived the two bites that the last bug gave me just before it died. Thanks so much for the loan of the armor, and I look forwards to trying out any heavier protection your company makes in the future!

To get back to the main report, after the two Scythers at the mouth of the hole were dead, we heard the trilling sound of more creatures coming from further below. To'do's drone suggested that there might be four more of them coming, and given that we'd struggled a bit with two, we decided to pull out for the time being.

Perhaps we can go back in again later on another mission!


“Stellar Arms Ltd’s Tactical Combat System (No. 4) is the choice of combat professionals. Why takes chances in hostile situations by saving a few credits? TCS4 – for the best results. Always.

Stellar Arms Ltd. – now serving the Kiwi-Washman system."

(awesome write-up!)

The Scythers

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