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The beginning!

Dangerous warp space

David 63's Kiwi-Washman Exploration report, entry #1

Our team, consisting of a Federation diplomat (Erindassa), two ex-Marine bodyguards (David and Anderson), a Venetian pilot (Kordell) and a Borean engineer (To'do), were coming to Kiwi-Washman to begin fulfilling contracts from the Colonial Development Authority. We had a shuttle (a refurbished marine landing craft, with slightly improved sensors and some better accommodations for longer range exploration missions), but to travel through hyperspace, the shuttle was docked aboard a larger carrier starship.

The carrier ran into severe hyperspace turbulence on approach to the Kiwi-Washman system. The crew apparently didn't respond appropriately, as it kept getting worse, perhaps because they were trying to divert from one entry beacon in the system to another one. We ran to our shuttle as things started getting dangerous. Immediately after we got on our shuttle, the hangar we were parked in depressurized, and three other people were left stranded in zero-g and vacuum. Fortunately, our marine Anderson is a Belter and knows zero-g maneuvering like the back of his hand, and he was able to mount a rescue (with minor help at the airlock from David and some inspiring words from Erindassa.

The rescued characters were a weapons trader (who offered Anderson a free weapon and all of us a discount on future purchases), and his two clone bodyguards. They were not badly harmed by their brief exposure to the vacuum, so we settled them into our shuttle with us to see what would happen next.

Alas, a scan by To'do told us that what happened next might be the carrier breaking up. So he and the pilot, Kordell began to prepare to do what they could to save the ship if that happened. To'do overrode the carrier's docking clamps, then did some technobabble stuff with our sublight drive to make it easier for the shuttle to transition back to normal space from hyperspace as the carrier came apart around us. One very tough attribute test (with a lot of luck dice) was passed by each of the engineer and pilot, and we were in Kiwi-Washman. One other shuttle survived the transition, albeit with substantial damage. They didn't survive the encounter with the wreckage of the carrier, which we ran right into after it dropped out of hyperspace itself. Kordell made another heroic piloting roll, and we were safe.

After a scan of the wreckage didn't show anything left of the other shuttle, we made our way to Gallipoli station, where we explained what had happened to the shocked CDA officials. Their analysis of the data we recorded during our activities suggested that itw as "human error" by the carrier crew that resulted in the catastrophe, so as long as the pilots of later vessels are careful, travel into the system need not be restricted too much more than it already is.


To’do Fulin personal log.
The events of the last hour are fasinating. The carrier we were using to enter the system began experiencing warp vibrations. Due to questionable decisions on the bridge, they began to turn in warp to find a more stable path. This lead to the destruction of the vessel, and the loss of all but eight lives.
Myself and the team managed to escape. While I have no like for Nolcro’s attitude, it is unquestionable that he is a skilled pilot. After I unlocked the shuttle’s docking clamps, he managed to fly us out of the gap opened up in the carriers hull mid collapse. Impresive.
But what I truly wish to examine are the sensor notes. During the escape, I dumped a large portion of engine power in the instant we left the carrier, creating an instant of warp field arround the craft. As far as I know, this doesnt comply with any known laws on FTL transportation.
While the scientific ramifications are fasinating, I am considering whether I could design changes to shuttles and escape pods to make this a pre-programed manouver for FTL emergencies.
End Log.

The beginning!

From the personal journal of pilot Kordell de la Genevieve


Howdy there, my…computer… Huh, taking personal journals is real weird. Oh well, I promised I’d give it a shot.

Few weeks ago, my expertise was once more called upon to undertake the job of the century! To pilot a shuttle. As I’ve been doing. For several decades. Boy, I tell ya these gigs are sure starting to get old. Kinda like old Betty…on second thought, computer scratch that last note. That’s how it works right? Whatever.

Anyways, finally met the rest of the crew near the end of the hyperspace translation towards that Kiwi-Washboard system. Did you know that Kiwi is an Earther fruit? Super tasty, in my humble opinion. [Is] got this weird hairy skin yet a super soft inside, kinda like old Betty. Ah hell, computer scratch that last bit. Wait, I’m ramblin’ again.

Anyways, so I met these fellers right and wouldn’t you know it, more humans! We have the two real-tough gruffs you could tell hailed from their military. I think their names were Dave an’ Andy? Respect enough for those boys, knowing you have to put your life into the hands of politics. Takes balls. Then there’s the cap’n, Mr., uh, Aarondrossa? Andromeda? Computer, what was that feller’s name? Ah hell, I feel like a dick. He was a real fine fella, too. Didn’t hesitate on nuffin. Plus, he willing took command! Friggin hate having to call the shots, distracts me from my delicate work. Kinda like old Bet-er, nevermind. Then there’s this youngin, a super serious mechy type Borian. To’do Full-somethin or another. Real stickler from the get-go, I could tell.

Anyways, we all order drinks n say our peace, when wouldn’t you know it? The friggin ship starts shakin. And not in a fun “rough n tumble n a funnel” type way, but in a “what jerk-off is steering the ship in such a harsh and, really, ungentleman-type” way. The boys all gave me weird looks at the time, like they didn’t feel nuthin’ bad about the ship. Hell, boys, ain’t you lot ever been in space?

So anyways, right, I heard a real-bad tearing sound I’m done. Screw the drink, my ass ain’t becoming space waste. So, I bolts right for the hanger for the shuttle an wouldn’t you know it, I got the whole crew on my ass.

Anyways, we make it to the shuttle and she’s sittin there all pretty-like for me. I hop on, start getting her ready for takeoff. Was about to do the mechanical prep too, but thankfully that young Borian was there to help with that. When we had time to relax during, we all get him on the comms and scanners tryin to figure out what in Sam Hill was going on. That’s when things went from “this carrier’s pilot’s got two left feet” to “now the idiots’ kicked the bouncer in the gnads at the same time he was putting hands were hands don’t belong on the bouncer’s kid sister.” I could have told him that was a bad idea.

So, this giant friggin hole just appears in the damn hanger, and I gotta tell you, what I saw was gorgeous. Like a rainbow nexus of beauty. Computer, delete that last bit. Sounded too soft for me.
Anyways, so the hanger loses pressure. In a real bad way. Several fellas get yanked from their shuttles and start drifting towards the breach. I give them the old “we both know you’re going, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it” when these two brave young marines say “naw, bud, we fight space all the time we got this.” Brought a dang tear to my eye, I tell you what.

So, they grab a tether line and one of them, Andy I think, just shoots out like a badass and grabs not one, but all three of the poor fellers and, with Dave’s help, brings them all to safety. I don’t think either of them even reacted, like fightin’ space was normal. Weirdos.
Anyways, I’m over here arguin with Todo trying to get him to override the locks holding the ship in place knowin the bigger ship aint got time left. He’s over here arguin its not safe, like I’m the asshole being the unsafe one. I swear, I’d say that boy didn’t have brains if’n what he did next didn’t prove he did.

So, we’re arguin away when the cap’n Aaron does what cap’n Aaron does best and makes the call to release the locks. The young Borian then proposes something even I wouldn’t have been stupid enough to do: he suggests that he “burst” the ion engines, or something, to boost us out the hanger at the moment the ship drops from hyperspace. I was gonna argue, but that pretty light show outside was startin to become real pretty, if you catch my meanin’.

So, I snap roll the damn shuttle like its my date pretty young thing a few cabins down and make that escape vector where that Borian’s stunt would go on. And guess what? It friggin works! That damned Borian actually succeeded in what I thought was theoretically impossible. So, we emergency micro-FTL jump through the damned hanger right as the whole ship tears asunder.

We make it out, but it aint over yet. The physics of the universe finally caught up to us breakin’ the law and the whole damn carrier not only rips asunder but obliterates into a billion times a billion micro particles, or something like that. Takes out the bastard that also jumped with us but I manage to save the day once again with my amazing piloting.
After that, it was smooth ridin as we rode down to the station and gave our story. Everyone was so amazed at me, I actually had to shift some of the heroism to my compatriots just so I could still fit my ego in the shuttle. Anyways, the main station person wanted us to head back out and check the hyperspace waypoint beacons for intel or something. You know, I don’t think I ever got that drink. Hey computer, order me one of them real strong drinks. And a cigar! You think they’d let me smoke on a space station?

Sorry for the long post, internet was out and I was bored.

The beginning!

(So cool – thanks – these are awesome to read)

The beginning!

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