New Stars

Erindassa's Report following escort mission

Taking on a pair of xenoarcheoligists (Aiden and Jena) the Oath Bringer was ready to set off when suddenly!! A small Drasilite lad, doctor Thrilloo joined the crew to be brought down to the Brimbury… mmmm yummy.

Heading down to the Brimbury, Kordell, our humble pilot descended down to the Brimbury not at Marine speeds though.

Cleared out a space in the forest, landed, drove an ATV with the scientists (thingies) to the base camp, Thrilloo acted weird on the way (What a weirdo) . 

Old ruins were discovered, David 63 and Ripley descended into the "well", lots of carvings, Psiconics were heightened, energy stuff (scanners, electronics) were dampened, highly reduced range.

Thrilloo got sick, spores probably are worse for Drasilites. Brought him back to the Gallipoli and was stuck in quarintine for 6 hours ish.

Ripley Man Of The Match 



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