New Stars

Delivery Boy


"Captains Log:

I knew something was up when we, the team that had dealt with the Brimbury had been asked to stoop so low as to become delivery boys. Not even earning enough to pay for the fuel, it would of been a slap in the face to any other well chiseled greek god, but not for me. I knew it was a call for help from my dear friend Yene. 

Seizing a Hermes class ship and rallying up a crew we disembarked for Vanguard Station, a well armed and fully automated station.

Now I knew why I was chosen for the job, Yene needed the kind of help that only a man of my skill set could provide, and I was ready to provide. But alas! My crew did not see it that way, there I was! Interrogating the culprit, about to make him snap, but I was alone. 

The poison that is Socialism runs deep in this system. It has my crew, it has my Yene. 

Some seem unaffected, numb as it were. I will investigate further. Until our next talk.

Erindassa out" static


That’s great!

Delivery Boy

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