To'do Fulin

4 feet of engineering wizard.


Standing at about 4 feet tall, this blue Borian has the smell of engines and maintence tunnels worked into his skin. By Borian standards, he does not look quite mature, but he still has a significant ammount of hair growing from his ears, and his moustache seems more to emerge from his nose than his lip. His hair is dark, short and curly, clearly he spends little time grooming himself.


Born inside a hollowed out asteroid with patchy grav generators, To’do was ignored by what Borian society was arround him. During this time, he began to learn what he could of engineering and construction. It was slow going, but he managed to make a small camera drone and wrist control module from scraps of electronics from the old mining machines. Since then he has served on various ships and installations, having proven skillful with computers, electronics and engineering, along with his odd nack for smithing. He has a reputation for managing to generate a slight warp field around a shuttle during a carrier incident.

To'do Fulin

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